Muslim weddings have amazing setups, beautiful traditions, mouth-watering food and perfectly awesome set of people to bond with. Islam believes in bonding with people, and what better place to bond than a wedding where two families amalgamate to become the perfect blend of happiness. What makes all of this pretty is the process that takes place. Ridden by so many traditions, Muslim weddings are breathtaking. However, what makes it much more breathtaking is the setup of the hall and the decor. Muslim Weddings are grand not in the sense that excessive money is spent on it, but that it is rich in culture and bonding between people. This richness can be brought about beautifully with the wedding décor. An aesthetic appeal accentuates people’s moods.

Although Nikkah is sometimes held in a mosque, this isn’t a requirement, and many couples choose to get married either at home or in a commercial venue or in a lush green garden. Since a civil marriage certificate is also needed, it can be useful to hold the ceremony in a venue licensed for holding weddings – and this can include a luxury tent in the grounds of a hotel.

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