Ruracio is a solemn practice in the Kikuyu traditional culture. It involves negotiations and payment of dowry before a marriage is completed. It is usually a delicate process with elaborate steps that are followed before the groom is finally given permission to marry the bride. The payment of dowry is conducted in a logical manner to endorse the marriage and ensure the stability of the relationship.

For Njambi & Sean, it was Kikuyu themed traditional wedding that took place at her home in Karen. Their vision was to make it as traditional as possible. We used artefacts that symbolize the Kikuyu culture such as the woven fiber baskets, pots, decorative mats, wooden chairs and flowers. Kikuyu pots are made by women from riumba, a special clay dug up in specific areas. The pots are mostly used for storing grain, cooking, carrying water and for trade. It was a perfect way to demonstrate the Kikuyu tradition. The traditional wooden cross back chairs were used to achieve the rustic theme.

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